the risk it took to blossom

memories of spring

Inside you is a fierce and fragile heart.

I have seen it. So have you.

You will again.


  • Beautiful picture, sister.
    Beautiful reminder about the heart.
    I feel the heart’s incredible strength being nourished by the risky business of authentic connection. Vulnerability provides the opportunity for the most rewarding, deepest love, and sometimes it feels too risky, too scary.
    As Robin Williams, playing the Disney’s Aladin Genie, says of his lamp: “ultimate cosmic power, itty bitty living space,” I think this also applies to my heart.
    It takes courage to open to my ultimate cosmic heart-power, and it feels well worth the risk.
    Bloom on blossom.

    • Oh, I like that. I like the paradox of “ultimate cosmic power, itty bitty living space.” We are full of paradoxes – including the gifts of vulnerability, if we will only give up the armour that protects us from nothing, and be who we are. Thank you, sister.

      The post title comes from an Anais Nin quote, which says, And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

      I wonder if this is what flowers feel. But then, I’ve wondered about flowers in this way before.

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