turning the page at last

christmas tableAnd then, without much fanfare at all, that was the end of the Year of Perpetual Suck.

One of the things that surprised me most about 2012 was how many people had a truly, spectacularly awful year. As a calendar year, it kind of blew. (Hmmm. “That blows” doesn’t really work in past tense, does it?)

Still. Still… there were blessings and celebrations. There were moments to savour, hands to hold, comfort to offer and receive. As the new year – 2013 – approached, I noticed the usual bevy of end-of-year wrap-ups, best-of lists, resolutions and offerings for making the best of the year to come.

Usually I am all over that. At the turning of this year, not so much. We welcomed Kristina home for the holidays after a truly rough semester at college. Again, she came home to no Kaylah. We continue to miss having a four-legger around the house.

The day after Christmas – what we Commonwealth-folk call Boxing Day – we welcomed Kristina’s beau for a ten-day visit. The year turned. I sold her my car. We prepared for an epic winter road trip across the country in that car.

I’m less than a week home from that journey. It’s nearly the end of January, and I’ve not done any of those front-loading-the-year-with-intentions activities. Instead, I’ve been living the days with what’s right in front of me. I’ve spent very little time online and I’m surprised by how little I’ve missed it.

I have been pondering this year to come – this year we are already well into – and the hopes I have for it. Mostly I wanted to pop in here and wish you all a Happy New Year before it becomes silly to do so.

I do wish so many things for you – for all of us – this year. Things such as health to enjoy and appreciate, companions who give you a true sense of belonging, laughter and play and a sense of wonder, patience with the bumps in the road, compassion for our flawesome humanity, a candle in the dark, genuine respect and dignity, and a kettle on to boil (or a wine cork being popped) with someone saying the words, “Tell me more.”

We are here to tell our stories, to hear and hold each other’s tales. Let’s be brave and kind about it, shall we?


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