my favourite savage chickens

yes, it's a duck

I can’t help myself. Savage Chickens posts come into my Google Reader, and I read them first. They make me laugh, chortle, snicker, or giggle. They are smart, funny, charming, and spot-on. There’s one for everyone!

Last week, Doug celebrated eight years of drawing these amazing cartoons on post-it notes.

Some of my favourites:

Ribbons! (because everyone has birthdays)

And in light of our upcoming trip to the sun: Best Vacation Ever

Decision Workflow (not that we need more justification for endless meetings)

It depends on your point of view: Smartphones

Employee Morale (Prod300 reminds me of the boss in Office Space)

I don’t run anymore. But I would. Ten Miles

The New Yoga (this is the kind my husband has perfected)

Or like comedian Ron White, whose pants fit better. Teambuilding Tip 3

Zoning Out (oh, did I say that out loud?)

The next big thing: Beyond the Web

Meh. (shorthand for the times)

And my two very, very, very, most superlative favourites:

One for Kristina – I Love You More

One for Ed – Tigger

If you have a quirky sense of humour, with a healthy dose of geek/nerd culture, I encourage you to wander around Doug’s site and find your own favourites. Please share back here in the comments if you do.


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