every fresh start

clover in the redwoods

You are full of unshaped dreams… You are laden with beginnings… There is hope in you…

~ Lola Ridge (from TWLOHA page on FB)

“Now I can finally start my life,” she said.

“This time,” I said to her. “Again. This time.”

You started your life when you got your drivers licence. You started your life when you chose that college. You started your life when you graduated. You started your life when you smiled at that stranger. You started your life when you got married/divorced. You started your life when you travelled in Europe. You started your life when you turned down the opportunity that felt sticky. You started your life when you said yes to you.

“You start your life (again) every time you choose what’s true for you.”

That felt so good when I said it, I wrote it down.

You start your life (again) every time you choose what’s true for you.


  • Oh my! This is a hummdinger of a lovely post!
    I love saying yes to me, It feels awesome!

    What a powerful message! How wonderfully encouraging, and with a concise, real, engaging, and clear story to commit me to the message. Lovely.

    I love the gentle reminder this post evokes for me:
    Remember to make frequent, authentic contact with the inner-most-self and find your sacred truth. Remember to notice if any of the filters of perspectives at work in your life feel limiting, and can be shed, to nourish your inner garden of loving beliefs.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful love-filled writing.

    elizabeth recently posted..February 9th, 2013My Profile

    • Thank you for such an enthusiastic response. It’s been really interesting lately to see what posts strike a chord with readers. The ones that come from the deepest places in my heart also turn out to be shorter, simpler posts, and I’m touched by how they are received. Definitely food for thought on how I approach this site.

    • Thank you, Celina. I find I need to hear the things I say as much as I need to share them.

      The photo was taken in the Redwoods in September. Deep in the shadows of the giant trees was a carpet of clover beside the path. Discovering that they had purple undersides felt like a magical spell the forest shared with me. I wanted to share it here, too.

    • Thank you, Joy. The really powerful things are that way, aren’t they? Not that the path to see them is necessary simple or short, but the truth of a situation can often best be described simply. This is something I’m working on in my writing now.

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