let’s have more gasping at sunsets (or crayons or goldfish or whatever)

kohala coast sunset

Before we left for our holiday in the islands, I saw this comic on Indexed:

Sunsets are more beautiful on vacation.

Go on. Click on it. It’ll only take a sec. I’ll wait.

I think Jessica Hagy’s point is a good one – as our stress goes down, we are more likely to notice the wonder and beauty around us. We stop and smell the roses, as it were. We walk on the beach at sunset. We listen more deeply and really look into a loved one’s eyes.

We crave that kind of connection and appreciation.

Is that really something we can only make time for on holiday? I sincerely hope not.

Celebration and savouring are two of my favourite things to do. Sinking down into the moment, wherever I am, helps me see the good stuff that is not always obvious at first glance.

And when I see it? I want to notice the hell out of it, celebrate it with thanks and red balloons and big blinky arrows and stories.

Look around. Right now.

What is more beautiful today – right there in your ordinary extraordinary life – just because you noticed it?


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