make a wish

dandelion puff balls

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.
~Doug Larson

Loving dandelions feels like a revolutionary act.

People in the suburbs don’t like them. There are whole aisles of the hardware store dedicated to their eradication. You could be “that neighbour” if you let them take over your yard. People in the cities rarely see them. The administrators of parks are quick to squelch any appearance of the sunny yellow flowers.

Still. I love them.

I love their hardy nature. I love that they are one of the first flowers in spring and one of the last to surrender to the chill of autumn. They survive Seattle’s summer drought. And our winter rains.

They are wild things. They colour outside the lines. Maybe that is why children are drawn to them.

The magic and wonder that surrounds a dandelion puff ball is undeniable. When we were kids, we searched for the perfect globe of seeds, eagerly plucking and blowing on them to send our wishes into the wind. Quickly, before an adult could admonish us. Something about scattering weeds – blah, blah, blah.

(Okay, maybe I still do.)

Imagine it – you hold one in your hand right now. No one will judge. What do you wish for?

Another in my series of grow quotes for my one little word.
Apparently, I like this title/idea/subject. I’ve used it before and here and here.



  • Aw, I love this. Dandelions are so delightful. You forgot to mention that they fix nettle stings, though – which is how they came up in conversation the other day! Can you believe that people on the East Coast don’t know what nettles are?

    Regardless. Dandelions are magic. They always have been. There’s nothing like watching the wind take something away and knowing that you can only dream of the adventures it might have. Dandelions are food for dreams.

    • Truly. You get my love of dandelions.

      David reminded me the other day of this maxim: You can know how many seeds there are in an apple, but you cannot know how many apples there are in a seed.

      Also true of dandelions and wishes.

  • Yes! to all of this, Jet. I completely agree. Our yard boasts many dandelions and I smile each time I see them. (Although I don’t like them in my flower garden. :))

    • It’s a tough balance, isn’t it, Joy? They are shiny and yellow and then they are wish/dream poseys, but the rest of the time they don’t seem to belong anywhere. I want to stop and take a photo of the waving field of yellow in a neighbour’s yard, but I’m afraid they’ll think I’m documenting grievances for a complaint. I might just do it anyway, and explain my enchantment if I am interrupted.

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