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north by northwest - view from Alki

In the coffee shop where I type this, there is a chalkboard with announcements, greetings, and the quote of the day. It says, “Never give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about.” I am thinking about this.

I am here because I gave myself something of a timeout. I was grumpy and irritable earlier, and I realised it’s been a while since I’ve been out alone for anything but an errand or a medical appointment. So, my timeout really means that I need some time out – out in the world, outside of four walls, dressed in something other than dog-walking clothes. Now I’m sipping an excellent latté, nibbling on a piece of marbled nutella pound cake from Wildflour Gluten Free Baking, and listening to some chill singer-songwriter tunes. Total. Mood. Shifter.

Google is ending its Reader service soon. In my search for a replacement (feedly), I (re)evaluated the number of blogs I “follow”. That’s in quotes because the number of unread items in my GR was usually in the hundreds. If I’m not reading those posts, do I really need them staring me in the face? One of the blogs I kept is local photographer Darrah Parker‘s.  I scrolled back a page or two to a post about a digital detox. One of Darrah’s tools: take facebook off her phone. My first thought (a telling one) was, “You can do that?” I haven’t done it yet, but I think I will for the summer and see how it feels. I suspect it will be just fine.

Today is the first day of summer. It is grey and drizzly outside. Ed and I talk often and deeply about where the ideal place to live might be. For now we are here. If it more often looked like the photo above, taken three weeks ago looking north by northwest from Alki, we’d be convinced. Still, there are many, many things to recommend the Seattle area, and I want to be am grateful for these.

Perhaps this is the summer to try stand up paddle boarding. Puget Sound never really gets above 55 deg. F, so it’s a bit of a commitment to try it here (I first saw it in Hawaii). The scent of salt water, the sting of it drying on my skin, the view of mountains and ferries and the Seattle skyline across Elliott Bay – these might just make me forget the icy dunking I’ll surely take.



  • Welcome back! Totally feel your comments on the google reader. (I do love feedly as well). But looking at it today, hundreds of unread articles. Why am I even following them if I don’t read them regularly. Think I may digital detox for a bit over the summer. And, clean out google reader! Can’t wait to hear about your paddle boarding adventures!
    Katherine recently posted..52 of Me: Twenty-FourMy Profile

    • Thank you, Katherine. I did pare down the Reader list before porting to Feedly. And the list is still too long. Feedly compelled me to put things in categories, and it’s been interesting to see which categories I get right on and which I let languish. Apparently my interest in the latter is more fickle, or perhaps more of the fear-of-missing-out type. *shakes head at self*

      I took facebook off my phone for the summer, after hardly going to it since a road trip in January with my daughter. I’m pleased to say that I don’t miss it a bit. If someone asks me to look at something they posted, I do, but other than that, I’m free, FREE I tell you. (Feels a bit like breaking gravity.)

      We signed up for SUP classes two weeks ago and were so excited to go. Then – food poisoning. Not the best time to balance on a board using core muscles over cold water. Nope. We’ll try again for next week. Fingers crossed.

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