we bought a goat

give a goat

We spent money over the holidays – gifts for each other, travel to Canada, ham for Christmas dinner, a little booze. In our part of the world, we’re not unusual in this. Our last purchase of 2013 was probably gas for the car. Or maybe a coffee shop. Nothing wrong with that.

Still. I wanted the first dollars spent in 2014 to be something more… intentional. Something with a higher purpose even.

We bought a goat.

Not for us. I don’t think our municipality would even allow us to get a goat. Several of our neighbours have chickens, but a goat might be crossing a line.

This goat is going to live with and help feed a family in Africa. She’s going to be quite the international ambassador.

Learn more about how awesome goats are: check out the Heifer International/ONE Campaign partnership.

Maybe you’ll want a goat, too.

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