i can see clearly now, the rain is gone

key largo under a clear blue sky

It’s time for a word again. It’s a good time for a word, a new word, a fresh word.

Home was last year’s word, and I hope to write up a little summary of how that went for me. But for now, I’m eager to share the shiny new word.

Often I have several ideas or options I’m playing with as the year closes. Not this year. The word came to me months ago. I’ve not said it out loud until now, because I wanted to remain open to how I might feel as the new year approached. It wasn’t about thinking there’d be something better around the corner, more that this year held so many changes and challenges.

I wanted to be right up on top of the new year to be sure. Then in December Susannah Conway, whom I adore personally and professionally, put together Find Your Word – a small e-course for her community. The exercises were wonderful to work through, and the word remained in my heart.

(Susannah is regularly generous that way. See also: Unravelling the Year Ahead.)

I feel clear. (he he he)

And that is a wonderful feeling indeed.

I want this feeling to expand into my life in a wholehearted way: clear mind, clear body, clear conscience. Clear the decks for my writing, seek out a clear blue sky, be clear in my thinking and my communications, clear out those old boxes in the garage, find/make a clear path, make clear choices.

All the metaphors with sky and water delight me.



  1. Free from clouds or precipitation : bright
  2. Free from impediment, restriction, or hindrance
  3. Easily perceived by the eye, ear, or mind
  4. Capable of discerning easily
  5. Free from confusion or doubt
  6. Transparent
  7. Free from guilt : innocent


  • To make or become clear
  • To become free of obstructions
  • To free from blame or guilt
  • To pass by, under, or over without contact
  • To make plain or intelligible : explain

You know I like a word that can be multiple parts of speech. I’m an and girl.

I’m keen to see where this one takes me.


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