savouring simple pleasures *updated

mr. roboto on a dog bed cover from molly muttI realise that last post sounded a little grumpy and impatient.

I want to remedy that. I want you to know that, even though in the last few days of the month I was eager for the symbol of a fresh start, I was able to practice instant gratification in January.

By that I mean, being in the present, seizing a moment – however fleeting – for joy, claiming a little pleasure or delight or appreciation.

The link above is to a piece from Danielle Laporte that showed up right on time. Danielle is one of my big-hearted, inspiring, badass women guides. She confirmed how important it is to notice the good, especially when you’re we’re in the trenches.

So, I present a collection of delightful moments I noted and am still savouring from January.

(I had some questions about the photos, all iPhone shots. Descriptions below.)

artsyville hatchery

a | b

goofy dog goofy girls

c | d

icc dates

e | f

winter light

g | h


a. sweet gift collection from Joy, by artsyville

b. first of a sample box gift subscription from Kristina, by hatchery

c. a friend posted a pic of a dog snout on facebook, many dog snout replies resulted

d. being goofy with my kid

e. my favourite writing buddy, at Issaquah Coffee Company

f. winter light coming through the window at ICC

g. Savvy Bear with her favourite toy

h. more of that unexpected winter light, me playing with curls in my hair


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