seaching for scatterbeams

spring in seattle - forsythiaWhen Kristina was home for a month at Christmas, I spent some time messing around behind the scenes of the blog – looking at long-neglected analytics, tracing where my readers are and how they find me, that kind of thing.

(Okay, the analytics are still neglected. Who am I kidding?)

I called out some of the search terms folks have used to find scatterbeams, each one more unlikely than the last.

Kristina laughed and shook her head, saying, “Madre, you have to make a blog post out of that.” So, with a view to  sharing our amusement, I offer Searching for Scatterbeams.

(I should first note that – by far – the largest number of searches that bring people here are variations on “what can you do when you turn 18?” which leads naturally to this post I wrote when Kristina celebrated that birthday. Doesn’t really have anything to do with the rest of what I write about here at scatterbeams, but there it is.)

(The second most popular post on the site is this one, about a way I say ‘you’re welcome’ after someone thanks me. Holy carp, that one’s had a lot of traffic also. I suspect some of those folks were disappointed when the search term led to a post about gratitude and feeding people.)

This post is not about those popular search terms. It’s about the weird-ass (or simply unexpected) ones.

  • two different shoes (walk of shame?)
  • “this is not germane” (huh? in quotes, no less)
  • oldtoes (to put in the two different shoes?)
  • looking at soccer in a new way (as opposed to the oldtoes way?)
  • i scatter flour on.the sand (okay by me) (written exactly as you see it here)
  • can i take lactase on my carry on plane luggage (I recommend it if you’re lactose intolerant)
  • cussiest blog (this ain’t it, but I am *not* afraid to curse – they’re just words)
  • sock unicorn
  • bainbridge island lynwood mouse sculpture (I want to see this – is it like the Fremont Troll?)
  • ninja facts (okay, this one isn’t all that weird – Kristina did some guest posts in high school)
  • chinchilla fingernail (?!?)

Sock unicorn is my favourite, hands down. I think it’s like a more magical sock monkey. Now I want someone to knit a sock unicorn and put it on etsy. *stops to check – maybe someone already has*

Mostly I write about writing, my family, the need for – and examples of – kindness, gratitude, and justice I see in the world. If a sock unicorn will help make the world a kinder place, I am all for it.


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