meet Jet

about jet triptych

I’ve tried many versions of an about page. None felt quite like the warm landing place I want it to be.

I’d like it to feel like the welcome I make for people in my kitchen.

Have you eaten? I have the kettle on for tea/I’m making coffee/I’m opening a bottle of wine. How are things with you right now? Settle in and tell me a story. Here, I have one for you, too.

“And we are put on this earth a little space that we might learn to bear the beams of love.”
~William Blake *

A while back I was concerned that this site wasn’t about anything, that it didn’t have the niche focus they say it should. A stranger extended a tender gift. She visited my site and said my topic is very clear: I write about who and what I love. Indeed.

Beams of love. Yes, that is exactly what I’d like to share. 

Scatterbeams is the collected ephemera of my journey through life – hopes, fears, and dreams, favourite quotes, postcards, or train tickets – on the way to kindness, gratitude, and justice.

Writing is how I make sense of my life, express my heart, and celebrate all the good I see in the world.

Photography is where I capture the light in my ordinary life and extraordinary travels.

My greatest (and sometimes unexpected) pleasures and pride are my relationships with Ed and Kristina – my ohana. My all-day companion is used to be a dog who purrs. We are ready for another dog now.

At the new year, I choose a word. Want to know more? Read about this year’s word.

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* from the epigraph to Chapter 14 in The Art of Being a Healing Presence