vintage letter box


After such a long hiatus, things are a little dusty around here. I’m in the process of changing things up a little Chez Scatterbeams – both in the front and the back of the house. In the interest of transparency, I...

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where my strength is

Years ago, I took Karen Walrond‘s Pathfinder course. Through a series of fun and insightful exercises, I identified my strengths – my superpowers – celebrating, savouring, connecting, and storytelling. Our...

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find the horizon

Sometimes you just need to push back from the desk, go for a walk, and find some horizon to study. I’m on a writing retreat right now. Not there in that photograph from Key Largo. I’m not sure I could write in a place...

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turning the page at last

And then, without much fanfare at all, that was the end of the Year of Perpetual Suck. One of the things that surprised me most about 2012 was how many people had a truly, spectacularly awful year. As a calendar year, it kind of...

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i will know her by her light words

A couple of months ago,* In February, I met a new friend for the first time. (*I’ve been sick a ridiculously long time, and I started this post back when I was well.) We met at Zeitgeist, a cool coffee shop/art gallery...

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some things are better with a buddy

There are family stories we tell in just a few words. Over the years of shared history, dinners and picnics and holidays, a story is told so many times that we can break it down to a shorthand, the whole thing summed up in a...

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