vintage letter box


After such a long hiatus, things are a little dusty around here. I’m in the process of changing things up a little Chez Scatterbeams – both in the front and the back of the house. In the interest of transparency, I...

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where my strength is

Years ago, I took Karen Walrond‘s Pathfinder course. Through a series of fun and insightful exercises, I identified my strengths – my superpowers – celebrating, savouring, connecting, and storytelling. Our...

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handling feedback

I’ve been thinking a lot about feedback and critique. It’s an invaluable part of preparing a manuscript for query and submission. Definition time: a manuscript is the unpublished version of a work that the author is...

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I had a coffee date with my husband the other day. As much as we see and enjoy each other’s company at home, it is sometimes a lovely thing to intentionally create time to be together away from our house – no dog, no...

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one of twelve

I am ready for January to be done. Not because it was a hard month, although in some ways it was. Not because I am eager for what is to come in February, although I totally am. Not because I don’t like this month’s...

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the time of your life

“Did you hear about [celebrity or sports figure]?” “Did you see that ___________?” “What do you think about [insert recent trending topic]? For a little while, my answer will be no. Right now...

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