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2010_07_17 sidewalk chalk menu page I have written about my life list here and here and here.

Now, I am changing the list.  It is no longer a list.  Oh, it still looks like a list, with numbered items, and in an ordered column.

But a list it is not. This is a Life Menu.**

A selection of tasty treats that might add joy to my life.  I would not have them all at once any more than I could enjoy five gourmet entrées in one night at an elegant restaurant.  I might not ever try them all.  And like a fine restaurant, the ingredients of any one dish might inspire me to try something new at home. This is my Life Menu.  Every dish here is a house special.

  1. learn to swim (front crawl) well enough to swim laps for 1 km
  2. make a dance video inspired by Joy’s
  3. do an interview with Story Corps
  4. do a Story-Corps-like interview + photo series with Nana & Pop’s family
  5. photograph giraffes and zebras
  6. learn to say Thank You in 50 languages (or more) ongoing – progress here also: Please
  7. host a gathering of fabulous women – the ones in my tribe and/or ones I would invite to be (something á la lovebomb)
  8. speak at TED or GEL or WDS
  9. see/listen to live music in a bar or on the street in New Orleans (not during Mardi Gras)
  10. have dinner at Rover’s with my sweetheart (but oh dear god, not at Valentine’s)
  11. learn how to – reliably – make that awesome, ear-splitting, dog-calling, two-finger whistle
  12. send a postcard to post secret
  13. have a massage once a month for a year
  14. taste 500 kinds of cheese
  15. have a photo shoot with one of the Shutter Sisters
  16. do a scavenger hunt
  17. organise a scavenger hunt
  18. visit all the places in the Beach Boys song Kokomo
  19. have a gallery show of my photographs
  20. attend Sundance Film Festival
  21. go bowling with my mother
  22. take a belly-dancing class, unironically
  23. get mehndi on my hands (and/or my feet)
  24. travel somewhere I can get to only by float-plane – stay a while
  25. see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC
  26. photograph 100 homeless people and learn/tell their stories (in a book?)
  27. ride a Segway (White and Nerdy)
  28. create and film improv in a public setting (e.g. this)
  29. learn how to play a musical instrument, something – anything: piano, flute, marimba, tambourine – really, anything
  30. try 50 named cocktails
  31. photograph all the American and Canadian colleges established 1910 or earlier
  32. see the Christmas-tree lighting at Rockefeller Centre
  33. go ice-skating at Rockefeller Centre
  34. red (cowboy?) boots – get ‘em and wear ‘em
  35. learn to surf at that women’s surf camp in Mexico
  36. swim with dolphins
  37. raft the Grand Canyon
  38. visit Greece June/July 2011, visited with Kristina as post-high-school-graduation trip, will post story at a later date
  39. hike + photograph Bryce Canyon April 2005, posted here in 2011
  40. see an iceberg up close
  41. meet the Dalai Lama
  42. write a cookbook
  43. write a novel
  44. learn to weave on a loom
  45. trace my Celtic roots on a trip to Ireland
  46. visit a stone farmhouse in the south of France
  47. live in a loft in a bookstore in Paris
  48. visit Australia, including a town called Alice
  49. learn to develop film – have my own darkroom
  50. retrace my mother’s journey (as a two-year-old) from London to Kenora (by boat to Halifax, then train to Northern Ontario)
  51. visit the Galapagos + photograph the blue-footed booby
  52. see whales up close
  53. celebrate Day of the Dead in Oaxaca
  54. take pottery classes
  55. go to the opera
  56. have a baby; then have another
  57. ride in a bi-plane
  58. ride in a hot air balloon
  59. see the Southern Cross
  60. learn to unicycle
  61. be an Olympic bi-athlete
  62. go to Tikal
  63. publish in a newspaper
  64. publish in a magazine/journal
  65. publish in an anthology
  66. learn to play chess
  67. see a total eclipse of the sun
  68. shoot a handgun in target practice
  69. have my fortune told
  70. stay in a three-walled room on the side of a cliff
  71. be on television for something positive
  72. wear long black gloves to a formal event
  73. dance the tango in Argentina
  74. learn to play poker
  75. drive a Formula 1 car
  76. ride horseback on a beach in the tropics
  77. see a Broadway show in New York
  78. visit MoMA
  79. see the Northern Lights
  80. see the stars the way our ancestors did
  81. live in a house at/above the beach on an island
  82. see La Scala again, in Italy
  83. spend time on a ranch in Montana – ride and care for the horses
  84. visit Stonehenge at the Solstice – touch the stones
  85. sleep in an igloo
  86. visit Tibet
  87. visit Bali
  88. sugar off maples in Quebec
  89. stomp grapes for wine in Italy
  90. see a football game at Notre Dame with Ed
  91. bring treats to a fire station – thank the fire fighters
  92. hike to and soak in wild hot springs
  93. write a children’s picture book
  94. walk on the Great Wall of China
  95. see the Pyramids
  96. visit Victoria Falls and Cape of Good Hope
  97. feed an elephant
  98. ride an elephant
  99. build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  100. learn sign language
  101. visit a different museum, gallery, or exhibit every month for a year
  102. see Bruce Springsteen live in concert
  103. shoot a rifle
  104. create an e-course (topic already picked out)
  105. sleep in a bed in a field of lavender (You can do that?   Thank you, Mum, for the idea.)
  106. get a hula hoop and take it everywhere I go for an entire summer
  107. do sidewalk chalk outside an adult friend’s house on their birthday
  108. grow deliciously fragrant flowers – chocolate cosmos, nicotiana, pineapple sage
  109. go to a drive-in movie with Ed, in a convertible
  110. taste 250 premium/artisanal ice creams
  111. catch and release fireflies
  112. make snow angels with my brother and sisters
  113. help five people with something on their life list menu
  114. knit five hats for shelters this winter
  115. put notes in books in the YA section of the library
  116. find and wear a fabulous, glamourous red lipstick
  117. attend a dîner en blanc
  118. put an awesome tip in a busking musician’s case
  119. have a party with sparklers – for adults
  120. see Blue Man Group live
  121. attend a Comic Con – fully in costume – maybe even the massive one in San Diego

** Many thanks to Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks for the Life Menu term. Karen offers Path Finder, a guided self-study course of Awesome,   Totally worth the price of admission.


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