this year’s word

melted snowmanFor the last half dozen years, as the old year closes, I’ve chosen a word to guide me – something to keep in mind over the course of the unfolding new year, something I hope will make the year even better.

Sometimes I remember the word throughout the year. Other times, the year gets away from me, and I’m lucky to wear matching socks.

(matching is overrated)

Other folks do this, too. Ali Edwards has registered her name/process and offers courses. Susannah Conway has put together a lovely (free!) guide and hosts a sweet private facebook group.

I pick out a necklace to wear printed with my word (or another kind of pendant that represents the word for me). It helps me to keep it close to my heart. I reach for it throughout the year – and after – they’ve become my favourite pieces to wear.

This year’s word is CLEAR. I wrote about it first in this post.

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